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Ashe Beauty Present
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Professionalism In the Salon

I recently watched a video blog by a barber on the hustler vs. the business man. After watching his video I felt inspired to write my own blog about it. I want to take what he said and apply it to the stylist of the world. Here lately this topic has been surfacing in our circle a lot. Which in my opinion is not a good thing, because it often stems from a certain situation we have personally experienced. In most aspects of life and business dealings you must always remain professional and make each and every client feel equal. One main aspect of being a professional is for stylist to build healthy relationships with their clients. How do I do this, and why would I do this you ask? This is a way to drive your business and retain those clients. Don't get me wrong now, all stylist want new clients, but no stylist should want their chair to be a revolving door. Please realize that your clients are your walking, talking free advertisement! If their experience was good or bad the public will see it, snap a pic, compliment it, joke about it, ask who did it, and that client will not have a problem building you up and sending new people your way. Or tear you down and suggest that people never step your way. Another sector of professionalism is your level of education, the skill set of your mind, and your willingness and ability to learn and grow in your field. Your repeat clients keep coming back for a reason! Figure out why, embrace it, and then take them to the next level. That is the art and beauty of this industry, you all transform lives! Your clients trust that you know what your doing, what looks good on them, what is trending in the streets, all while maintaining a healthy head of hair. It is 2012 and we have been through all sorts of stages and phases with our hair, which is why clients don't need several sets of hands in their head. Stylist need to maintain client cards and profiles to compile data form each visit. This will help to track the growth and progress of the hair, along with tracking any issues the hair or scalp may be experiencing. Log job info, hobbies, special occasions, or anything else that will make your relationship personal but professional at the same time! Always remember that your clients are expecting an amazing experience from beginning to end. This can all be accomplished by remaining professional from beginning to end! Happy Building!

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  1. I agree 100%, from a client and professional perspective.